Arowana Shar Pei - Quality breeders of KUSA registered Shar Pei

Arowana Shar Pei - Quality breeders of KUSA registered Shar Pei

In Loving Memory to Arowana Hai Xiang

Born 23 January 2003 - Died 11 February 2008

Hai Xiang or Tehl as we called him was one of the two brothers we kept from Qing's one and only litter. He has always been the sunshine in our lives with his clown-like behaviour. The name we gave him at birth was Tehl, short for "The Eagle Has Landed", because of his spread eagle feeding habit. He turned out to be a Gentle Giant, an absolute clown, and we nicknamed him Rambo because his way of greeting friends is "absolutely" enthusiastic.

During December and January all our dogs were suffering from diarrhea and bad eating habits, so we thought this would be a thing that would pass and we had to pay attention to their food intake. Every dog, but Tehl, recovered and he finally stopped eating at all. So we booked him in at the Vet for a scan, but he phoned us and asked if he was allowed to open him up for further testing. This happened on 11 January 2008 and three days later we received confirmation of the diagnosis, gastrointestinal lymfosarcoma. We all new that this would be terminal, but with the doctor we decided to try and give him his last moments of joy, knowing that he was not in pain. We put him on endomax (chemotherapy) and cortisone pills. He started improving after day three and started eating again. By that time we would try to give him anything he would eat, like ostrich meat, langoustines and other fish, etc. On the 8th of February the amount of food we could feed him went down and he started vomiting again. We had to make the difficult decision, we could see he was very tired, and phoned the Vet. At 17:45 on 11 February Tehl went to sleep with his head in our hands and is now with his mother on the other side of the rainbow bridge.


Arowana Hai Xiang at 8 weeks

Arowana Hai Xiang Best Puppy in Show

Arowana Hai Xiang at 6 months

Arowana Hai Xiang at 11 months

At 8 weeks

At 5 months
Best Puppy in Show

At 6 months

At 11 months

Arowana Hai Xiang at 22 months

Arowana Hai Xiang at 29 months

Arowana Hai Xiang at 4.5 years

Arowana Hai Xiang at 10 Feb. 2008

At 22 months
Fancy Dress

At 26- 06- 2005

At 27-05-2007
Reserve Best of Breed

At 10-02-2008

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